Did you know that over 80% of the population is interested in organization?

According to a 2011 survey by the brand Rubbermaid:

91% of people surveyed said they were overwhelmed at least some of the time by the clutter in their house!

  • 88% wanted less clutter
  • nearly 1/2 wouldn’t invite their friends over to see their home
  • 1/3 said they didn’t even know how to reduce clutter

In addition:

  • 57% reported feeling “stressed”
  • 42% were “more anxious”

when their house was unorganized or cluttered. Others got so disgusted at the condition of their home that they:

  • wanted to “run away from the room”
  • felt their clutter was “insurmountable”

Moms with children in the home have a particularly hard time:

  • 90% said they wanted less clutter
  • 60% felt stressed about it

The more kids, the higher the stress:

  • 91% with three or more children wanted less clutter
  • nearly 1/3 (29%) said their kids were the top barrier to de-cluttering their home

“It’s clear from the survey that people know they can make a difference in organizing their home but are feeling overwhelmed and need help getting started and staying motivated,” said Virginia Murray, Rubbermaid’s Director of Marketing.

The biggest challenge that a lot of moms face with disorganization, is knowing where to start.

The thought of organizing an overwhelming amount of clutter can feel like a very daunting task, requiring an unknown amount of time.

Busy moms have enough responsibility as it is, so how are they supposed to go about getting an entire house organized?

I know first-hand, what it’s like to feel overwhelmed with clutter.  With three young children, I quickly experienced the challenge of maintaining a clean and tidy home.

I also realized the negative effects that clutter and disorganization had on me and my family.

By creating a system, I learned how to:

  • Overcome the frustration of clutter
  • Overcome the tension within my family
  • Overcome the constant struggle of staying on top of all the household responsibilities

After speaking with dozens of moms like like me, I decided that it was time to help mamas to take control of their homes too.

I’m a Professional Organizer and Momprenuer with a passion for all-things organizing.

I offer an online coaching program, based on what has helped me to overcome clutter and disorganization in my own home, with systems that help me to manage my household efficiently.

My Mission:

To help busy stay-at-home-moms find more peace in their home, more family harmony, and more balance in their life, thru decluttering, organizing, and systems.

“Crystal is an amazing organizer!!! She is so calm, careful, and quick. She treated all of my fragile items so carefully and had great ideas. I would recommend her to all my friends in a second! I am looking forward to the next time I can utilize her services!”

~ Caitlyn, Oceanside

“Crystal has the creativity to go with her organizational skills to transform any garage, bedroom or living space to its fullest potential. Her insight and ideas will amaze anyone as she has done with me. I can’t believe the way she organized my office! Now I know where everything is. If you have a room or project and are not sure what to do, then Crystal is your girl and she will not disappoint you.”

~Greg, San Marcos